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Configuring Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook uses a mechanism called "autodiscover" to set up the Kopano Cloud account. This only requires the user to know their Email address and password.


As part of the Simplified Account Creation process, Outlook performs a lookup against a Microsoft service to provide the user with the account type and server address. If you change providers, this service may show outdated but still cached values for the old provider. If this happens, select 'Configure manually' and then select 'Exchange' to correctly auto-detect the remaining settings for your mailbox.

To disable this lookup service import this reg file.

Supported versions

The supported versions of Microsoft Outlook are:

  • Outlook 2016-2021
  • Outlook for Microsoft 365


Microsoft Outlook for Mac is currently not supported

Create a new profile to use with Kopano Cloud


Due to the inner workings of Microsoft Outlook, we always recommend that you create a new profile for your Kopano Cloud account rather than adding your account to an existing profile.

If a profile has already been created, follow the official Microsoft instructions to add another profile.

To start the configuration just enter the email address if your new Kopano Cloud account.

Create Outlook Profile

To configure the correct type of account, select "Exchange" as the account type.

Advanced Setup

In the next step Outlook will ask for the password associated with the account.

Microsoft Security

The account will then be configured automatically.

Getting things ready

Finally, you can add additional email accounts to the new profile.

Account successfully added

Once Outlook has started, the new account is ready to use.

Outlook is ready to use

Working with shared folders


The previous limitations of not being able to use caching for shared folders no longer applies.