Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird provides a wizard that tries to lookup and suggest configuration values for the incoming and outgoing server.

Thunderbird account configuration wizard


At this time Kopano Cloud does not support fully automatic configuration of Thunderbird. Instead, the account must be configured manually.

Thunderbird with suggested configuration

To get to a working account in Thunderbird, the "hostname" must be set to For the incoming server, the connection needs to use SSL/TLS on port 993 and for the outgoing server, the connection needs to be set to STARTTLS on port 587. And after running a "Re-test", Thunderbird will allow the account to be created and unblock the "Done" button.

Thunderbird configuration complete

With this the account can be used to send and receive mails. Further features like calendar or contact access for Thunderbird are currently not offered by Kopano Cloud, but we received positive feedback for using the TB-Sync Thunderbird addon to retrieve these via ActiveSync.