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Working with mail

The Kopano WebApp provides mail functionality similar to Microsoft Outlook. This includes features such as follow-up flags and categories.

The mail context

Compose a mail

To start composing a mail, click on the highlighted letter icon which will open a new mail tab within the Kopano WebApp. While the mail tab is open, the user can still use the Kopano WebApp as normal and view incoming mail, switch to the calendar and more.

To make it easier to switch between different windows on the same computer, the email editor can even "pop out" into a separate window.

Compose new mail

The Kopano WebApp provides a rich text editor for composing mails using common formatting options, as well as the ability to insert images and tables.

As you type recipients into the To, Cc or Bcc fields, the application will automatically try to complete addresses based on previous recipients. In addition, once the full address or recipient name has been entered, the editor will look up any matching addresses from the Global Address Book (GAB) and the Contacts folder.


The Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) field and the From field are hidden by default, but can be enabled by clicking on the corresponding icon in the mail editor.