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Webmail Overview

The Kopano WebApp is a fully featured mail client with email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes functionality that can be used from a modern web browser.

First login

The first time you log in, you will be greeted by the welcome screen shown below.

Welcome screen

Here you can configure frequently used settings such as display language, startup folders and calendar settings. The administrator may have set some defaults for you that are not shown in the screenshot.

Areas of the webmail client

The Kopano WebApp is divided into the following sections:

Areas of the webmail client

  1. The shortcut bar - On the left side it contains the buttons for the different "contexts", such as "mail", "calendar", etc. On the right it shows the name of the user logged in, a bell icon for any reminders that may be active, and a button to access the preferences, this documentation, and to log out.
  2. Main Toolbar - This toolbar contains buttons appropriate to the current context. Some buttons offer additional options through a drop down menu.
  3. Folder Navigation Pane - Provides an overview of the folders that are part of the user's mailbox, as well as public folders and any additionally opened shared folders.
  4. Main Window - Displays the main content. Use the search box to quickly find items in the current context.

Further information

The Kopano WebApp is based on the Kopano WebApp, please refer to the Kopano WebApp User Manual for its original documentation.